The possibilities of working with fabrics in terms of Patchworking

are nearly limitless.

Besides the traditional method of sewing by using templates,

loads of my quilts developed by using the rotary cutter and

the matching quilter's ruler in form of fast cutting techniques.

The decision which technique to use depends on the time

exposure which i would like to

invest in the manufacturing of the quilts.

The most exciting part starts before actually starting to sew

by choosing the adequate fabrics and colours.

Besides paying attention to universal colour rules

I decide mainly by intuition and

most of the times I'm right with that.

The finished quilt should be both harmonic and expressive

in order to claim enough space for itself

in its future environment.


In the gallery I'm going to present you

a selection of my quilting works.


In case you are interested in one of these quilts

do not hesitate to contact me.