Hospital for bears and stuffed animals

before and after photos

Repair and restoration


A well-known experience...


Your favourite teddy bear lost one of his eyes, the the fur is slashed, an arm or a leg is seperated from the body as well.


In my hospital every kind of specialized surgery on your favourite teddybear will be done.


A gentle restoration is specifically important on valuable collectors' bears.


Time, appropriate fabrics out of mohair as well as empathy are indeed necessary at this kind of work.


Send me a picture of your beloved bear or contact me in order to have a prompt conversation about a possible surgery.


Picture story

After many years

and many hugs of my owner

  I was in a quite

desolate condition.

My arms and legs were battered

and my nose was chrocheted.

After lots of surgeries at the crealisa-hospital

I turned out to be completely recovered.

First I got a new muzzle out of mohair.

Hands and legs got new soles,

the holes in my head were closed

and new sheepswool-stuffing material

let me sit uprightly again.

I was finally able to see my legs again,

after all these years they were hidden under a tight.

Especially,  I like my new nose.


Crealisa put me on a gorgeous dress

in order not to feel cold.

But hey, I am a bear boy

and boys should not were dresses.


Today is the day.

My owner is going to pick me up.

Let us see how he will react.