Personal Details

When I was a child I was never keen on playing with teddybears, dolls, and other toys. I always prefered climbing on trees, arranging mudslinging or hanging out with my friends in the town.


A part of our garden was partly used as a temporary store by a junkdealer for all sorts of commodities which turned out to be very useful in order to build tree houses, covered carts, swings and other facilities.


The foundation stone for creativity was laid.


During my teens I started tailoring my own clothes, painting, knitting, crochetting, and doing handicrafts. I have never been able to decide upon only  o n e  hobby.


In May 1985 at an art exhibition I was fascinated by dolls with modelled, realisticly reproduced faces and extremities.




"You have to try that yourself" I thougt

and started concerning myself intensely

during the following years with modelling

dolls`heads, using different materials

and procedures, when gradually the first

presentable faces developed.

I finished the doll by using sewed

and stuffed bodies as well as poured