Plushie Clinic

The favorite teddy has lost an eye, the fur is slit, arm or leg have come off the body.

In my clinic, any kind of operation on your darling will be expertly performed.





Replace missing eyes, close holes or underlay with suitable fabric, replace or refill filling, wet or damp cleaning, resew seams.




Time, suitable mohair materials and empathy are of utmost importance in this work.

Replace felt soles and paws, renew felt mouth, damp cleaning, replace filling.

Partial or full reconstruction

A reconstruction is made when the darling is literally in shreds after many years of intimate love.

The patient is dismantled into all the remaining individual parts, cut into pieces and transferred to a new substitute material.  The parts are cut and sewn together again.

If, for example, the head is still in relatively good condition, the body is made new and the remaining parts of the body are taken from the original body for possible repairs to the head. In any case: As much of the original animal as possible!

If the favorite animal is lost or has literally disintegrated, you can only sew the darling anew with the help of photos.


In any case, I ask you in advance for some meaningful photos of the possible patient, so that I can get an idea of the state of health.

Before and after


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